Are we walking back on the globalization buzzword?

For years we had been talking about how the globalization has taken over the industry, specially the IT market. The location did not qualify as a constraint any more. You follow the job and not the other way around. Company leadership was pushing this concept at all its open forums. If there is a requirement anywhere on the planet and you fitted the bill, it would be wise to pack your bags or else risk being left on the sidelines to warm the benches. Roots, family, friends and familiar situations were to be severed, not always to fulfill ambition but sometimes to save your arse. 

Is it changing now? Look at the global leaders and what they are up to. We only thought Modiji wants to make in India?. Now Mr. Trump is bent on bending the H1B norms, UK has already raised the bar for its Tier2 visas, the Aussies are scrapping the 457 visa, singaporeans are looking for local talent and the kiwis , i heard, have followed suit. So why is it that the industry and the leaders are talking on different frequencies? State leaders insist on localization while the industry still insists on globalization. 

So where are we heading to? Does all this mean that indian IT industry will soon have a new buzzword? 


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