Most of you have read the following  post on existing ironies going around in whatsapp groups. Thought would pen down my views on these so called ironies.
1. Politicians *Divide* us, Terrorists *Unite* us.

  –  Politicians Divide us, Terrorists further divide us

2. Everyone is in hurry , but *no one* reaches in time.

-The person who wrote this has never boarded a train or a flight, i am sure.

3. Priyanka Chopra earned more money playing *Mary Kom*, than the Mary Kom earned in her entire career. 

That probably does not count all the money Mary Kom will continue to earn as Mary Kom while Priyanka will be searching for another champion’s used shoes.

4. Its dangerous to talk to a *strangers,* but it is perfectly ok to marry one.

Yes it is perfectly OK to talk to strangers when you know his name, his fathers name, his mothers name, where he works, where he lives ,  how much he earns, his bank balance , the size of his room, his waist, his feet ….. even how many legs his pet dog has.

5. Most people who fight over *Gita and Quran*, have probably never read any of them.

Do you think all our politicians have read the constitution or understand the fiscal policy?Had the terrorists read the Gita or Quran, the world would have been a better place provided of course the other group read 50% of what they are supposed to

6. We rather spend more on our  daughter’s *wedding* than on her *education*

Cause the percentge of successful ROI for education is definitely less than a cleverly maanipulated wedding in our society. 

7. The *shoes* that we wear are sold in air conditioned show rooms, the *vegetables* that we eat are sold on the footpaths.

the day brinjals cost 4000 /kg and potato for 2000 a bag, they will most definitely be. I am glad that they are still sold on footpaths.

8. *Most* of the guys who have been ignored by Girls in young age, possesses actually the nicest and better husband material.

It pays to wait. See the options before pressing the buzzer

9. We live in a country where seeing a *policeman* makes us nervous rather than feeling safe.

Not sure about you, but the sight of a policeman  in any country makes me nervous. Jokes apart, he represents the same social system we practice. Why only policeman, even the income tax inspector, the customs guy, the plumber, the electrician , the fruit seller and even the guy next to me at the ATM line, all makes me nervous to varying extents.

10. In IAS exam, a person writes a brilliant 1500 words essay about how Dowry is a social evil and *cracks the exam* by impressing everyone. 

One year later same person demands a dowry in crores, because he is an IAS officer.

Proves once again that degrees and education are like venus and mars.

11. Indians are very *shy* and still are 128 Crores.

From when did, not being exhibitionist or showing public affection is being considered as shyness? Thank God that they are shy, at least untill they are married.

12. Indians are obsessed with screen guards on their smartphones even though most come with scratch proof Gorilla Glass but never bother wearing a *helmet* while riding bikes.

Do you go about suggesting everybody to put protective gear on his smartphone? Its their head, let them bother. Why be a warden for a deliberate offence. Only ensure that without helmets you do not get any insurance claim for yourself but have to compensate 3rd party damages. And no government aid packages please. No helmet no charity.

13. It is shallow to ask for *dowry* but prospective bride grooms should make six or seven figured salaries and *preferably* *settled* in USA.

-That is being upmarket dear. Learn to speak the right jargon.

14. *A porn-star* is accepted in society as a celebrity, but *a rape victim* is not even accepted as a normal human being.    

If you are good at something by choice you will be a celebrity. But comparing the two is grossly atrocious.

*Best ever lines :*                                    

Try to understand people before trusting them … *Because* we are living in such a world, where artificial lemon flavor is used for *”WELCOME DRINK”* and real lemon is used in *”FINGER BOWL”*ūüėä…!

-Just no arguments on this. I rest my case.


TOR- Trying to get it right!

The single most difficult task in Project Management is probably setting the terms of reference for the task. The challenge is also aggravated by the fact that most of these is done based on a skimpy RFPs , ambiguous customer sessions that leaves more question on the table than it aimed to answer, a lot of assumptions – some appear so innocuous at the given point that they slip through the cracks unnoticed. And all these is probably done by a group of people who have greyed their hairs doing just that. All chiseled managers, PMPs and PRINCE2 under their hats, guiding lights of their PMOs; so what’s there to be apprehensive about that?

When the going is smooth, it doesn’t really matter. The Gurus have done a Nostradamus once again .. Yippee!. But believe me more often than ever, the hiccups start early and can last a lifetime. When the going gets tough, the tough always does not get going. And the poor soul under the fire is the poor manager who has to save his bum once more.

Minimizing this risk has always been a challenge. We all tend to have a couple of templates up our sleeves which we believe will be the answer to all such issues. We are so in love with these  piece of digital notes that we often fail to identify areas that could potentially be a pot boiler down the line. That is all but expected cause we work to the best of our knowledge at that given point of time. But take my word, the gurus can also err and sometimes with disastrous effects.

So is there an all encompassing template that roughly covers the areas that need to be addressed. Writing down a bullet-ed list, it seems roughly close to what the industry thinks. As a thumb rule the BOSCARDET (coined by Hoskyns) principle fits well to start with. BOSCARDET is a acronym for the following

  • Background
  • Objectives
  • Scope
  • Constraints
  • Assumptions
  • Reporting
  • Dependencies
  • Estimates
  • Timescales

I am sure there would be other areas to add to this list based on the project characteristics but BOSCARDET  seems to be a good place to start with.

Are we walking back on the globalization buzzword?

For years we had been talking about how the globalization has taken over the industry, specially the IT market. The location did not qualify as a constraint any more. You follow the job and not the other way around. Company leadership was pushing this concept at all its open forums. If there is a requirement anywhere on the planet and you fitted the bill, it would be wise to pack your bags or else risk being left on the sidelines to warm the benches. Roots, family, friends and familiar situations were to be severed, not always to fulfill ambition but sometimes to save your arse. 

Is it changing now? Look at the global leaders and what they are up to. We only thought Modiji wants to make in India?. Now Mr. Trump is bent on bending the H1B norms, UK has already raised the bar for its Tier2 visas, the Aussies are scrapping the 457 visa, singaporeans are looking for local talent and the kiwis , i heard, have followed suit. So why is it that the industry and the leaders are talking on different frequencies? State leaders insist on localization while the industry still insists on globalization. 

So where are we heading to? Does all this mean that indian IT industry will soon have a new buzzword?